About us

office-web2The firm was founded by Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann in 1974. Today, a dozen jurists (including lawyers and paralegals) advise and represent our clients.
We have solid knowledge and specialized expertise in the field of commercial and economic law. Efficient and creative work, flexibility and professionalism are essential factors that have contributed to our strong reputation. Our experienced team help our clients make their way in Belgium and abroad.

Our client portfolio is composed of well-known national and international trade companies, industries and banks, foreign law firms.
Our firm is supported by paralegals who focus on supporting the lawyers. The size of our firm ensures direct contact between our clients and the lawyer in charge of their interests. Our clients have access to one partner who is responsible for coordinating the team working on the solution.
This process allows us to keep our fees at a reasonable level and meet the client’s budget requirements.
A top notch law library and access to the most up-to-date databases help us provide fast, efficient and professional services.

Our working philosophy

  1. A solid knowledge and specific experience in the field of commercial and economic law coupled with efficiency and creativity are the key factors that helped build our firm. Our goal is to give our customers confidence in knowing that an experienced team handles the legal issues related to the processing of their cases.

    This philosophy has been a key factor in the success of our firm in assisting its clients, such as companies and well-known national and international banks.

  2. Our team is supported by legal assistants whose focus, for their work and research, is to help lawyers stay current and up-to-date.
  3. The size of our firm allows us to maintain a direct contact between the client and the lawyers in charge of their affairs. The customer therefore does not have the feeling of being lost in a large organisation with the handling of their case being divided amongst several different departments. As it can count on the services of a capable and competent lawyer, the client avoids wasting time and energy.
  4. This also allows us to keep our fees at a reasonable level and our bills are not made excessive by the involvement of unrequired staff.